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Welcome to Bath & Wick 

Bath & Wick is your one stop shop for everything scented. We specialise in homemade products that are not only Vegan and Cruelty Free but also environmentally friendly. 

You can find everything from Luxury Bath Bombs and Spa Salts to Soy wax melts and incense sticks. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, quality bespoke products and a price everyone can afford.

We sell a variety of handmade items, made in small batches, using the finest natural ingredients. We have also partnered with some micro companies to bring you a selection of unique, skilfully made, tantalising products. We only work with companies that follow our values, which means the environment and quality has to be at the forefront of there business, as it is ours.


Due to concerns around Covid19, and to keep your products safe and undamaged during transit, we have decided to shrink wrap our bath bombs. We have sourced a biodegradable and fully recyclable bio-plastic wrap which we will be using until further notice. We feel that this remains part of our effort to be as Eco friendly as we possible can be and our research shows this is an excellent alternative to plastic.